*Registrations are first come/first serve.

1.  Pre-Registration and pre-payment are required for all trainings with a minimum of 8 participants.

Pre-registration fees are non-refundable unless training is cancelled by trainer.  

Refunds will be returned within 15 business days.

Pre-register 30 days prior to training/workshop. 

After pre-registration, within one week, 50% of training pre-payment is due. 

Remaining 50% due either two weeks prior to training or within 30 days after training date.

We understand that life happens. If you pre-register and pre-pay and are unable to attend on the scheduled date, let us know within 1 week prior to training date. Once notified, you may reschedule within 60 days from the date of training.

(Trainer cannot guarantee when another training will be available.)

2.  Mail-in payment must be received two weeks prior to training. Returned check fee is $29.

*I am not responsible for lost or delayed documents. It is the responsibility of the participant to call or email to verify receipt of registration.

3.  Participants MUST be present for the entire training to receive a certificate. Participants arriving 15 minutes late may be admitted however they will not receive a certificate, credit, or refund.

4.  Participants MUST receive a satisfactory pass score of 80% which is required to receive certificate.

5.  Certificates may be mailed at the conclusion of each training. Mailing certificates ensures that the participant has met the training objective and gained the knowledge.  

6.  ONLY PAID PARTICIPANTS ARE ALLOWED IN CLASS. Children, friends and family members ARE NOT permitted in any training session.

(*Exceptions will be made for Special Needs participants)

7.  To leave a training related voice mail, please call 561.801.1363

8.      Professional conduct and participation are expected from all participants.

 Terms and Conditions are subject to change.





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