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The early years of a child's life prove to be the best window of opportunity for discovery and learning. All early learning experiences acquired has a dramatic effect on later adult development by reducing school failure and increasing educational attainment.

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Petrea Hicks M. Ed.

Early Education Specialist

Petrea Hicks is an author, trainer, mentor/coach and consultant. She has presented locally and nationally at N.A.E.Y.C's annual conferences and is internationally recognized by Child Care Exchange Magazine's Exchange Leadership Initiative.

XYZ Trainings



Through XYZ training and workshops, participants will develop:

  • An understanding of quality teaching and learning as essential for achieving school/career readiness.

  • An understanding of the importance of effective, engaging interactions in early education environments that support children's development and sense of discovery.

  • An understanding of each educator's need for intentional, focused ongoing feedback on their teaching practices in order for change to occur.


Developmental Screening and Assessment

Cultural Awareness and Family Engagement

Math and Science Training

Curriculum and Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Kids in Preschool

Our Clients...

"Petrea Hicks was helpful and chock full of information. She was lively and presented the information well."

The Children in the Shoe

Rockville, Maryland

"Even though the language and information was technical, Petrea did a super job giving examples that helped me relate to the information."

Frederick Family Child Care Association 

Frederick, Maryland      

"Petrea was very engaging and insightful and really expanded the teacher's knowledge. She was able to cater to the different learning styles of staff; auditory, visual learners as well as provide hands-on activity discussion."

Director, Parent of Preschoolers, Inc.

Bethesda, Maryland