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XYZ Childhood Training's Policies



XYZ the end result LLC maintains an environment free of all forms of discrimination where each individual has the right to work and learn in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal opportunities and prohibits unlawful discriminatory practices, including harassment. The anti-discrimination policy is in compliance with all local, State and federal regulations.





XYZ the end result LLC maintains an obligation to disclose all proprietary interest of its employees, trainers, content editors and subject matter experts. This is intended to inform the learner of the instructor's vested interest in any products, instruments, devices or materials that may be used in the learning event, whether in-person or virtual. Proprietary interest will be disclosed to the learner prior to the start of all learning events and in all marketing brochures, catalogs, email blasts or mail promotions. 



XYZ the end result LLC honors and respects the intellectual property rights of others when used at a learning event. All copyrighted materials will be cited when used in learning materials. If copyrighted intellectual property is used, proof of permission will be requested or purchased and proof will be kept on file.



XYZ The End Result, LLC. ensures the privacy and information security concerning the learner's records. Learner’s records will be kept confidential and will be available upon learner’s request. XYZ the end result LLC maintains participant records for a period of seven years. Each participant’s information is stored in our registration database. At the conclusion of the training event, certificates will be emailed with the learner’s name with no additional identifying information. With the participant’s permission, a completed and signed Release of Information Form should be completed to release records to a third party.  Records will be released via email 14 business days. Expedited records may be requested for an additional fee.  Complete and permanent record of each learner’s participation in approved courses/programs.



XYZ The End Result, LLC. is committed to providing ongoing support services such as advising, registration and scheduling assistance during our business hours of Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m ET. Learners should contact XYZ’s Customer Support Team at or calling (240) 306-8949 during regular business hours. Support services are also available to participants during all in-person and virtual learning events before, during and after each session via email or telephone.

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