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The ELA is a formative assessment for children between the ages of 36 and 72 months that is aligned to the MD Early Learning Standards and helps prepare children for kindergarten.


In this 8 hour course, participants will examine how this online system can be used as a professional development tool with many useful resources for teachers to use for planning instruction and addressing any special needs of children.


This training can be scheduled in two-day 4 hour increments.


This course costs $99 per participant.



There are no prerequisites required for completing this course.



0.8 IACET CEUs or 8 Core of Knowledge Hours: Child Development- 4, Professionalism- 4



This course is offered in-person and virtually.

Virtual: A laptop, computer or tablet that includes a functional camera, microphone and headphones/speaker is required in order to complete this course virtually. A phone device is not acceptable. A Powerpoint Handout will be provided to each participant via email prior to their scheduled course.

In-Person: A Powerpoint Handout will be provided to each registered participant. Participants should bring a pen or pencil for note taking.

The Instructor will utilize Powerpoint slides and speech to present the content material. A variety of videos, charts and tables may be utilized to demonstrate content ideas and concepts.



Participants will be able to:

Learn what a child already knows or does well and to inform instruction through use of the ELA.

Determine a child’s progress over points of time to measure growth.

Share information with parents that shows a child’s growth over a period of time.


Participants' knowledge will be assessed through a Post-Assessment via Google Form and the Google Form link will be provided to each participant immediately following a course. The assessment will include multiple choice and/or matching questions to test comprehension. Upon successful completion and receiving a 75% or higher, participants will receive their certificate by email.



Participants will be awarded their certificates when the following has been met:

Course has been paid in full.

Participants have attended the course from beginning to end.

Participants have completed the Post-Assessment, scoring a 75% or higher.

Early Learning Assessment (ELA) Essentials

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